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Join the Call A Local Taskboard.

Introducing the Call A Local Taskboard

Post your tasks to the Call a Local Taskboard and local businesses will quote and bid on your task or project. This is a free service, there are no fees and no commissions. Simply post your task and choose the quote from the local business you want to work with. We don’t handle any money, you can sort this out with your chosen business owner.

3 Reasons to Use Call a Local Taskboard.

1. We connect you with local businesses.

We’re all about keeping it local, shop local, support local. Use our platform and local businesses will be quoting on local work.

2. We don’t charge exorbitant Fees

Many bidding platforms charge large fees to either the poster or the freelancer, business owner. These fees are often crippling for local businesses. It’s time to give these high cost platforms the flick and use something that helps the local community and local businesses

3. We don’t handle your money. We just connect you with local business.

We won’t touch your money. We don’t hold back your money or put it in escrow. We let you wort out payment directly with your chosen business provider. We just leave money out of it. What we are about is connecting your need with local businesses in the area.

So let us match you up with a local business now. Post your task on the Call a Local Taskboard.

If you’re a business owner and you want to join the call a local taskboard. Just add your business listing to and your annual subscription gives you full access to quote on our taskboard as well.